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Q.  Is SUP difficult to learn?Having Fun
A.  Not difficult at all.   I've successfully taught all ages, heights and weights.   If you can stand up from a kneeling position, you can Paddleboard.

Q   How long is the lesson?
A.   On the average 10-15 minutes.   We start on the beach with the basics in equipment, safety, technique, self-rescue.  
We then move to the water to master the processes and procedures.




Q.   What kind of foot wear, if any, do I use?
A.   If we are working from nice sandy beaches, barefoot is fine.   However with random shorelines we normally use soft bottom water shoes.   I DO supply soft bottom slip on water shoes in varying sizes should you not have a pair.    Shoes with metal protrusions are NOT acceptable.

Q.  Do you use a life jacket?
A.  I'll only offer Lessons & Rentals to those with 'water-knowledge'; that being swimming skills.   You are required to wear a 10 ft. leash; ankle strap to board for safety.  Should you fall in, you are only a few feet away from your primary safety float, the paddleboard.  I do affix a life jacket to the aft end of the board as an added safety measure.   Wearing a life jacket is fine if you prefer.   The only problem wearing a life jacket is a little more difficulty in remounting the board once in the water, due to its bulk around your upper body.

Q.  Where do you Paddleboard in the Cincinnati area?
A.  Any large body of clear unobstructed water is fine.   I normally instruct/rent at East Fork State Park or various sites along the Ohio River.   However, if you have other sites to recommend, these may be acceptable as well.